Engine Oil
For satisfactory performance and longer Engine life, engine oil should be replaced every 5,000 Km or 3 Months whichever comes first. Engine oil gradually oxidizes and deteriorates with time even when the vehicle has not traveled 5,000 Km. Therefore, oil change is necessary every three months even if the vehicle does not travel 5,000 Km.


A belt will last about 60,000 Km of driving distance in ordinary use, but belt life varies greatly according to the degree of belt tension and the vehicle usage condition. Considering the usage condition, all belts are replaced every 40,000 Km except timing belt where applicable. When crack develops in a belt, it is recommended to do early replacement of the belt in order to use the vehicle safely.


Tire air pressure gradually becomes lower even when the tire has no particular defect. Therefore, tire pressure should be checked periodically. Apart from abnormal tire wear, improper tire pressure decrease the vehicle’s turning, braking, and driving performance.


Brake System
The expected life of brake pads and linings is usually 20,000 Km-50,000 Km or more, but this varies greatly depending on how the brakes are used, so there are no exact guidelines. It is recommended to contact Toyota service centers whenever the vehicle’s braking performance decreases.

During refilling brake fluid, please make sure that brake fluid type is the one recommended in owners’ manual. When you refill using a brake fluid other than the designated type, there is a possibility that braking performance could be affected, and can no longer ensure good barking performance.


Warning Lights
When any of the warning lights blink or permanently on, please refer to the owners’ manual and in case of any further help contact Toyota Service centers.

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