Service Reception
With the state-of-the-art Service Reception and comfortable customer lounge, our customers will have a positive experience with our service operation. In our service reception we receive customers in an orderly and professional manner which instills customer’s confidence based on our ability to exceed customer expectation through convenience, quality service and value for the money.


Injection Pump Test Bench
With our EPS 815 the latest computerized test bench we can test and adjust in–line and Distributor pumps right through to the latest common-Rail high pressure Pumps.


Intelligent Tester
Our Service Center uses Intelligent Tester, state-of-the-art technology, to diagnose electrical and electronic control systems of TOYOTA, DAIHATSU & LEXUS vehicles.

The system is capable of monitoring and testing of Electronic Control Unit (ECUs) for power train, chassis and body system and their associated sensors and actuators.


Automatic Test Line
For safe and comfortable driving of your vehicle with maximum brake efficiency and driving stability we have vehicle Testing Equipment with PC-Program Fully Computerized which comprises of Brake tester, Shock Absorber Tester, Side slip tester and Head Light Adjuster


Chassis Aligning Equipment
With our professionally trained body technicians and our specialized chassis Aligning Equipment we can restore damaged vehicles to mint condition.


Paint Booth
With our paint booth which is of latest design and construction, we paint repaired body of your vehicles free of defects.

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