Following the national 4 billion trees planting project which was officially launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, MOENCO’s employees planted over 500 trees on Monday July 29, 2019, at Adwa Park Addis Ababa. The campaign is set to mobilize national reforestation program backing the National Greening Initiative.  Mr Abiy kicked off the tree-planting exercise which is taking part in 1,000 sites across the country. And it planned to break world record through planting 200 million tree saplings on July 29, 2019 under the auspices of Green Legacy national project.


As part of this program , A press conference was held in Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa On Friday July 26,2019,            with  eight companies including Coca Cola , OCP group , National Tobacco enterprise  ( JTI ) , United beverages , Cepheus & Pitterds.





The organizer MLA (MihretAb Leuel & Associates Law Office ) , Ato Mihrete Ab Leul , stated that all this corporate companies are participating in this initiative to mark the companies full alignment  with the government national greening development program which aims to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change in the drought-prone country.

Our Managing Director Mr. Francis Agbonlahor, stated the huge importance of the national greening campaign and MOENCO as a supporter of mobility solution in Ethiopia, is very happy to be part of this campaign. Francis said “we believe in Ethiopia’s future, and continue to invest in Ethiopia what is good for business, for our customers and future generations”

Over 200 staffs participated in this ambitious campaign. We are privileged to be part of this historical event and will continue to support the initiative at all times.