MOENCO provides genuine parts for the vehicles it supplies. Our objective is to deliver the right quality at the right time and the right place.

When we say “the right quality” we mean genuine parts for trouble free performance, long life and safe environment.

When we say “At the right time” we mean an optimum availability of parts, insuring continuous supply based on customer demand. A fully automated sales, stock control and electronic parts catalogue system has enabled us to achieve a very high availability of parts resulting in remarkable customer satisfaction.

When we say “the right place” we are referring to our dealers in different parts of the country and our branches in Hawassa, Bahirdar, Adama and Dire Dawa. We are committed to serve our customers with quality service, wherever they are.

Our parts operation is one of our primary value chain systems. It is based on “JIT” operation system (Just in time) which in turn is based on “sell one buy one” philosophy. In effect, our parts operation is backed up by extensive inbound and outbound logistic activities

Recent trends show that the market in the motor industry is characterized by increasingly fierce competition in after sales. The value of the after sales market is increasing due to longer vehicle ownership and diversification of customer needs.

To be the winner in this competition, satisfying the customer is no longer enough. To ensure outstanding customer satisfaction, we need to please our customers. So that is why we are the most customer centric organization.

Our electronic parts catalogue system (EPC) has enabled our salesmen to identify part numbers easily and accurately. This computerized sales and inventory control system has helped increase productivity and efficiency of staff.

We are continuously improving our services to our customers using the concept of “kaizen” which is a Japanese term for continuous improvement. We apply kaizen at every step in the parts logistics activity (inventory control, parts sales, warehousing, parts marketing, etc.)

In this regard, technology has a big role in simplifying different processes, cost saving, promptness and accuracy which lead to higher customer satisfaction. We apply improved system (software and hardware) in the inventory control process, sales and warehouse activity.

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