What is Genuine Parts?

‘Genuine Parts’ refers to those parts that have passed a severe quality inspection by the manufacturers of vehicle.

What are Counterfeit parts?

Counterfeit (non genuine) parts are products that use a trademark or copy a design illegally. They are products that, when sold, defraud the customer.

Why counterfeit parts are dangerous?

Most people are attracted to counterfeit parts because of low price, but in reality, in the long run, they pay more. By using counterfeit parts your safety is at high risk due to the low quality of these parts. Counterfeit parts are made with low-quality material and technology to reduce the cost that they cannot attain the high level of quality required to ensure safety.

In addition, the life of the vehicle will be drastically shortened due to the usage of counterfeit parts. Counterfeit parts not only fail but could be a reason for other components of the vehicle to fail or damage within a short time.
Therefore, fix Toyota Genuine Parts on your vehicle and concentrate on your other businesses, while fake parts fail quickly and need replacement from time to time.