Our Strategy

Accelerate strategy

The Accelerate strategy is our response to an industry undergoing unprecedented change and is designed to maximize the significant opportunities presented by current and future automotive trends.
Moenco Ethioia, find your toyota car and toyota parts.

Our Strategy

find your toyota car and toyota parts.

Our ambition is to become the undisputed number one distribution partner for automotive manufacturers, the employer of choice for current and future employees and the stock of choice for our investors.

Underpinning our business operations is our Responsible Business strategy and ‘Driving What Matters’ plan through which we aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and to society at large.

Our Changing Industry

The automotive industry is going through rapid change, from the increasing electrification and automation of vehicles to the elevated need for our industry to respond to climate change and sustainability. By 2030, we expect electric vehicle sales to increase to more than 30% worldwide, and the move away from internal combustion is accelerated further when we factor in hybrid, hydrogen, and other alternative powertrains

Our industry is increasing its focus on the environment and society; in addition to the electrification of vehicles, we must also address resource scarcity and waste.

Our Accelerate strategy

Accelerate outlines two key growth drivers that will power our growth – Distribution Excellence and Vehicle Lifecycle Services.

Distribution Excellence is our approach to continuing as the undisputed, number one distribution partner for our global OEM partners. The focus of Distribution Excellence is to drive better performance in our operations, deliver an exceptional customer experience, attract the best talent to our organization and deliver excellent results.

We will deliver this through a focus on building the right culture and capabilities in Inchcape, by developing our digital data and analytics capabilities and ensuring our operations operations are as efficient as possible

Vehicle Lifecycle Services (or VLS) is our second driver of growth. VLS focuses on how we expand the role we play through new and complementary products and services during a vehicle’s life. There is increasing value to be created in the second and third phase of a vehicle’s lifecycle; and we believe Inchcape’s existing assets, relationships and expertise give us the platform to capture more of this value.


The Accelerate strategy is our response to an industry undergoing unprecedented change and is designed to maximize the significant opportunities presented by current and future automotive trends.

Our Growth Drivers

Distribution Excellence

Vehicle Lifecycle Services

Our Enablers

Responsible Business




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Corporate social responsibility

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MOENCO is a subsidiary company of Inchcape PLC, a London based company engaged in global distribution & retail leader in the premium and luxury automotive sectors.
Moenco Ethioia, find your toyota car and toyota parts.

Our Vision

To become the world most Trusted automotive distributor & retailer

Our Strategy

  • Lead in Customer Experience
  • Become the OEM's Partner of Choice
  • Deliver full potential on all our revenue streams
  • Leverage our global scale
  • Invest to accelerate growth

Our Strategy

Our History

60 years of Excellence

In the heart of Addis Ababa, around the area commonly known as Mexico, a small garage with a capital of 200, 000 Ethiopian birr was founded by Mr. Y. D. Lappine on January 1959 in a small rented house. His far sighted vision became reality with the help of other resourceful people, such as Ato Menasseh Lemma, the then Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, and the boss of Imperial Insurance Company.

Nine years later, MOENCO took over the TOYOTA franchise business for Ethiopia when Inchcape, a London based international organization, became a major shareholder and injected a considerable amount of capital. This was a milestone moment in the firm’s journey to become the MOENCO of today.

In addition to the TOYOTA business, at different times MOENCO used to represent General Motors for various types of American vehicles and trucks; Ingersoll-Rand; WABCO, Pettibow; Universal; Dupont; General Tire; Frigidaire; Zanussi; and Thomas De La Rue & Co. of England.

All the experience we have gained from working with our partners has allowed MOENCO to focus on people, service, and innovation over the past five decades. The strength we have acquired in these years has also endowed MOENCO with the resilience to survive during the many difficult times. find more about Moenco Ethiopia company profile.

Latest News


We are the largest automotive company in the country, representing over 20 brands. MOENCO has grown both in terms of size and in terms of the modernization of its service shops and parts distribution centers, which display a passion for creating the ultimate customer experience.


Highly skilled & professional employees


Branches in Ethiopia




More than 10 brand partners


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    Car - Toyota Avanza

    Head Quarter Address

    Tel: 8090
    Fax: +251 11 661 3691
    Email:[email protected]

    Tel: 8090
    Fax: +251 11 663 8599
    Email:[email protected]

    Tel: 8090
    Fax: +25 11 1663 4897
    Email:[email protected]

    Branch Address

    Adama Branch
    Wereda Dembela, Kebele DegagaP.O.Box 1750
    Telephone +251 221 12 44 00
    Service & Inquiry +251 221 12 45 50/42 40
    Part Inquiry +251 221 12 44 00/45 00
    Fax : +251 221 12 44 30
    Email: [email protected]

    MOENCO Hawassa Branch 2
    Wereda Addis Kifle ketema, Kebele Daka
    P.O.Box 179
    Telephone +251 462 12 26 54
    Part Inquiry +251 462 12 26 18
    Service Inquiry +251 462 20 12 95
    Fax +251 462 12 40 10
    Email [email protected]

    Hawassa Branch
    Wereda Addis Ketema, Kebele Daka
    P.O.Box 179
    Telephone +251 462 20 20 59
    Part Inquiry +251 462 20 47 98
    Service Inquiry +251 462 20 12 94
    Fax +251 462 00 23 40
    Email [email protected]

    MOENCO Bahir Dar Second Branch
    Wereda Ginbot 20, Kebele 14
    P.O.Box 1367
    Telephone +251 583 20 14 05
    Part Inquiry +251 583 20 14 02/03
    Service Inquiry +251 583 20 14 00/01
    Fax +251 583 20 13 30
    Email [email protected]

    Wereda Ginbot 20, Kebele 14
    P.O.Box 1367
    Telephone +251 582 26 45 31
    Part Inquiry +251 582 22 18 15
    Service Inquiry +251 583 20 79 51/2 26 45 35/2 13 87
    Fax +251 582 22 13 88
    Email [email protected]

    MOENCO Dire Dawa Branch
    Kebele 03
    P.O.Box 1381
    Telephone +251 252 11 02 70/71
    Part Inquiry +251 252 11 02 70/71(ext 120 &131)
    Service Inquiry +251 252 11 02 70/71(ext 119,108 &111)
    Fax +251 583 20 13 31
    Email [email protected]